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IMG_0775Kristin Richardson Jordan was born in 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the daughter of two physicians who worked extremely hard and overcame great obstacles to become minority physicians and who strive to serve their communities and help those underserved and underrepresented in health and science. She grew up in Harlem New York and the upper west side as she attended the Calhoun School. She is a 2009 Brown University graduate with a BA in Black Studies (“Africana”) and Literary Arts.

Kristin is a book printing poet, teaching artist, and writer. She runs her own independent publishing company called Pens Up Press where she sells books (both old and new), publishing contracts, word art, adinkra keychains and various other products.

She also coordinates the Uproar Poetry Group an online Facebook platform for activist poets, and runs senior poems and senior current events workshops at A. Phillip Randolph Senior Center and Central Harlem Senior Center.

In addition to this she is co-founder of Freedom Love Birthright a writing and community theatre youth program in the spirit of African and African-American ancestry.

Kristin is passionate about social justice, and the history, politics, and culture(s) of all people generally and Black people in particular. Politically spiritually and personally she believes in serving people including but not limited to housing, environment, health, food, education, and criminal/policing justice. In addition to running Pens Up Press and facilitating workshops, Kristin has been a member of the ANSWER coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Harlem Cop Watch, a socialist reading group at Freedom Hall, and AALUSC (African Ancestrial Lesbians United for Societal Change). Kristin is an optimist and an idealist who dreams about a truly equal and equitable world based on seeing whole people and the humanity in every person.


I feel connected to…
black identity, politics, culture, liberation, history, womanhood, my queer identity, and activism.

I dislike…
white supremacy, patriarchy, and paternalism

I love…
reading, writing (especially poetry), being outside (especially when it’s hot), my family and friends-who-are-like-family, my cat, my hair, neo soul music, mass movements, meaningful organizing meetings, affirmations, African Art, Kwanzaa/black history celebrations (which should go on all year round in my opinion), swimming, the. ocean, seafood, chocolate, rum cake, and open mics.


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Check out Water & Light: Choose Love Now! Book launch on January 22nd 6pm – 9pm at Freedom Hall (113 W. 128th Street) in Harlem NYC. 

Can’t make it in person? You can still get a signed copy here.

Water & Light: Choose Love Now is a book about

personal interpersonal romanticIkebana platonic social communal and national spiritual revolution. Rooted in Kristin’s personal experience with an abusive relationship, it is a collage of poetry, journal entries, and political/social commentary on her experience and on the ways in which we relate to each other as human beings. Water & Light takes the reader on a spiritual journey that includes keen observations of the world we have collectively manifested today and ends with questions about personal and collective human/humane point and purpose. Including but not limited to sparking conversations on relationships, abuse, spirituality, mental health, gender, race, emotional intelligence, healing, ethics, culture, medicine, social responsibility, politics, education, and our criminal “justice” system; the point of this work is to open the floor to deeper and richer dialogue about humanity in general.